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Since our taste buds are not working like black and white TVs. We know it's meant for some tasty good food. Yummy! Let's stay healthy, and also up our knowledge about making some nice interesting food. Here are some really good resources curated for you.

8 Ridiculously Good Recipes That Only Take 15 Minutes

The last thing you want to do after a long day at the office is cook a meal. We get it. But cooking doesn’t have to mean carving out hours every evening and doing your best Thomas Keller impression. A simple recipe is your friend, but too often that means a subpar meal. Not here. These are some insanely good dishes that take less than 15 minutes to make.

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7 Quick And Healthy Dinner Recipes For Busy People

Eating healthy is not just a beautiful concept, it is a way of life that can improve your overall health if done consistently. With a little patience and preparation, it is possible to cook and eat healthy, wholesome meals at dinner time.

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This Is Why Eating Healthy Is Hard (Time Travel Dietician)

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Testimonials and Referral Notes

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Derrick Ang

Samantha took over my policies after my previous GE agent left. I'm very grateful as she has assisted me a lot over the last 10 years. Samantha did a review with me and helped me to summarise all my policies (including non GE policies) over a few sessions. She patiently explained to me my policies to ensure that I know what I had and what I was lacking. She studied my overall financial status and make sure that I have a comprehensive coverage which was within my affordability. I feel extremely comfortable with her planning as she is someone who always listen to my needs and never pushes any products to me. Over the past decade, she has been following up with me regularly. In 2017 and 2019 I was involved in two pretty bad accidents. Samantha assisted me fully with my claims and even till to date. I'm very grateful that she had proposed the disability income plan a few years back which provided me with a monthly payout during the period when I was not able to work. It has indeed helped me ease my financial situation so that I can concentrate on recovery. Samantha is one of the most reliable "Life" Planners I have met. I would strongly recommend her to all my friends and anyone out there.

Ivan Chee. Senior Director

I had known Samantha for more than 10 yrs already since she joined my agency in 2007. My first impression of her is that she is a very thoughtful and caring young lady. And this trait of hers has brought her far in the business as she is also very hardworking and mentally strong. Although she may not look like that but she is in fact very resilient and her perseverance is high. After many years of hard work, she first achieved her MDRT award 6 years ago and since then she has consistently achieved it. She often goes the extra mile for her clients and if you have the opportunity for her to serve you, you are blessed. I am confident that she will look after you and your family financial needs and will always think in your best interests. I am blessed to have her in my team as we share the same values in our business and I know she will always have my back.

Jane Tan. Senior Financial Consultant

I got to know Samantha since we are Secondary 2 buddies. After a decade long career in corporate real estate, i decided to join her team to have more control of my career through this meaningful career which rewards me as i help others in their lifelong financial planning. Samantha is super patient in her guidance to me, she never forgets to follow up whenever i check in with her for advice. She is also skilled in technical expertise and mentor us to how to strategically plan for clients in their interest for different milestones in life. She is a caring mentor, and we are constantly inspired by her achievements on how she can balance being such a great producer while being mummy to two young kids!

Dr Kao Junyang. Trainer. Investor

Samantha has been immensely solid to depend on. My family has been through several hospitalisations and she’s always there to support us. I also have a tremendously bad memory and understanding of policies, but I know she’s always reliable and patient enough to explain everything. She also explains policies clearly and never pushes products to me that she feel I won’t benefit from. What more can a happy client ask for?

From the Lee and Yau's Families

I had known Samantha since 2007. She is the best among all my life planners. She had vast knowledge, patient, helpful and a good listener! Through these years, she had always provided immediate help and advice to me and my whole family. We trusted her and we are thankful to have her in our life to manage our life policies. She is a true friend to us more than an Insurance agent. Thank you for everything! With lots of heartfelt thanks to Samantha!

Sharon Siah. Financial Consultant

I am honoured and privilege to have Samantha as my manager. I say this from the bottom of my heart. I met Samantha 5 years ago when I was still a student in ITE and was having my internship with the agency. Back then, she was my in-charged manager and I was helping her with some admin duties. My internship was a pleasant one with her as she taught me a lot of skills set which is useful for my future endeavours and I also slowly gain the exposure and knowledge into what a financial advisor does which is quite different from what I thought. I admit that I do have a skeptical mindset towards financial advisor before I started my internship, however she totally changes my perspectives and mindset. While working with her during the internship period, I see her dedication and passion towards her job which makes me realise how she really makes a difference in many lives emotionally and financially. I was very inspired by her and at that point in time it occurs in my mind that I wanted to be just like her. Apart from being my manager, she is also like a friend to me. She would offered a listening ear and also share her life experiences and advice with me and she never failed to answer any of my questions or doubts be it personal or at work. After my internship ended and year after year, she would continuously sought updates with me on how I’ve been doing and also sending me encouragement messages upon hearing my tough struggles during my diploma studies period. I was really touched by her genuine gestures and I told myself that if I ever need a financial advisor it would definitely be her. Therefore, I personally contacted her last year after I graduated from my diploma to have a financial planning session with her but she ended up giving me an opportunity to join her team. I thought to myself that what a privilege it’d be if I could be mentored by her as back then she was already my inspirational figure. I accepted and joined her team. Today, it has been 1 year under her wing. She is willing to spare her time to give me personal coaching to nurture me and imparting me with all the right values and patiently guide me through all the advisory skills needed in order for me to serve my clients well. As a new financial advisor myself, I have numerous down moments but Samantha will always be there to encourage me and also showered me with her kindness. Her belief in me has been unwavering since the start I joined her team. Being under your wing has been a blessing to my life. Thank you so much for everything, Samantha!